Welcome to the web site of Skypestroenie 2.5.12

A new version of Skypestroenie is out - 2.5.12. It solves a lot of bugs, including connection problems while using Skype 4! Please, update as soon as possible!

Skypestroenie 2.5.12 is the easiest way to be unique. It's absolutely free and easy to use. Now you can edit your Skype mood text professionally with Skypestroenie 2.5.12. You can choose between several text effects - to change the font, the style or the color of the mood text, to display the now playing track in Winamp, you can also insert hyperlinks, emoticons, change dinamically the case of the letters, make the text bounce and more

With Skypestroenie 2.5.12 you can play the song you are now listening to to a friend even if you don't have a microphone! Just play the track in your favourite music player, call your friend via Skype and press the broadcast button! It's so simple

If you want to unistall Skypestroenie, you just have to delete the executable file. If you have downloaded it via Skype, then use Skype extras manager. Under "My extras" you will find Skypestroenie and a menu button next to it. Click the button and then select uninstall.

Skypestroenie 2.5.12 can minimise in the system task bar and stay silent without interrupting your work on your PC.

To download the application, use the link under the screenshot

(350 KB)